UTelAdSE final released

Michiel El Muerte Hendriks elmuerte at el-muerte.student.utwente.nl
Sat Nov 30 09:01:01 EST 2002

UTelAdSE is a telnet administration server that will allow you do
administer your UT2003 server using a telnet client.
With UTelAdSE you will be able to do about everything you can also do
with the WebAdmin. 
A short overview of all the things you can do with UTelAdSE:
  - kick/ban players
  - change the map rotation
  - add/remove admins (AdminControlIni)
  - add/remove mutators
  - configure gametypes
  - add/remove bots
  - chat with the players
  - change the current map/gametype

For more information visit the homepage:


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