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Robert Brandtjen rob at prometheusmedia.com
Thu Nov 21 11:52:15 EST 2002

On Thursday 21 November 2002 05:59 am, David Krider wrote:
> My point is that you shouldn't have to shy away from AMD if you replace
> the guts of your rig. On the other hand, I made it a point to avoid VIA
> chipsets when I went shopping for both of my AMD systems. I have a
> friend who has both Tyan 2460 and 2466-based systems, and the former has
> given him a lot of grief, though I think he worked out those problems to
> be specifically caused by a faulty video card. I think both the newer
> Tyan board and especially the MSI board are good to go. However, the
> performance of a P4... with the new hyperthreading stuff... (But I don't
> know if the HT stuff needs kernel support.)

Interesting read:

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