[ut2003io] UTelAdSE beta 3

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Hello Robert,

Telnet doesn't encrypt the data stream which includes login name and
password data.  It isn't necessarily a security hole unless you are
implementing it on an untrusted network.  A client which employs an
encryption scheme like SSH2 would be the choice if you are concerned about
someone intercepting your data.

Since we're on the topic of security, it should also be mentioned that the
UT2003 web interface doesn't employ any encryption scheme either.  ;)


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> On Thursday 14 November 2002 05:02 am, Michiel 'El Muerte' Hendriks wrote:
> > Just a reminder for the people who don't know what UTelAdSE is:
> > UTelAdSE is a telnet administration server that will allow you do
> > administer your UT2003 server using the telnet protocol.
> Isn't telnet a huge security hole?
> I used Xinted to open a port which links to the localhost of the UT23k web
> admin.
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