[ut2003io] linux version problem

Spadge Fromley spadge at fromley.net
Sat Nov 9 20:32:02 EST 2002

At 01:09 10/11/2002 +0000, you wrote:
>ok, and the last comment. I don't like to be listed as spamer ;]
>There is no information on web page nor box nor anywhere except linux
>services. How people should know that there is linux wersion ? Most of
>my friends are suprised that i am playing ut 2003 under linux !
>How company can sell more copies of product that they don't support ?

Well, for starters, I'm not even sure that Atari officially support the 
linux version.

Also, it's just on the 3rd CD, with all the extras.  Surely people browse 

I agree that there should have been mention on the box, but hey - this is 
the marketing dept. we're talking about, so no great surprises there ;-P

Spadge Fromley

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