[ut2003io] linux version problem

Ryan C. Gordon ryan at epicgames.com
Sat Nov 9 19:49:18 EST 2002

> I've got linux version of this game, everything works fine exept single
> player game. I do get core after pressing create profile button. I am
> running versino 2107 of game, and debian, mandrake on newest nvidia
> drivers. Tested kernel versions 2.4.18 - 2.4.20-rc1.
> On demand i can give you md5 sums of files, dmesg, lspci, strace of
> ut2003 binary and whatever is needed to track this error. 
> Maybe there is an patch for this version already, but i don't know
> nothing about it.

There are patches. Two of them.

Alternately, make sure your hostname has an IP address associated with 
it (we use this to create a random ID in Single Player).

Information: https://bugzilla.icculus.org/show_bug.cgi?id=155


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