[ut2003io] is there a linux client patch yet?

J Holder aaahoopy at simulakrum.com
Thu Nov 7 12:22:44 EST 2002

J Holder said:
> I spent a fair bit of time trying to find the linux client patch last
> night.  It seemed that all the links on the site pointed to win32 exe
> installs.  The only for linux patch that I found seemed to be for the
> dedicated server, or for the linux demo.
> I am beginning to suspect the patch for linux is not out yet.  I would
> however love for someone to prove me wrong and point it out to me.  I am
> hoping it will fix some issues I am experiencing.

woopz, answered my own question.  I was cruising bugzilla on the icculus
site again and came accross this post:


that has a URL for the patch in it.  I didnt look at this bug last night
when I was looking at the site.


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