[ut2003io] ut2mod Files

Matthew Arnold marnold at ez-net.com
Mon Dec 30 16:28:28 EST 2002

Stefan Gehn wrote:
>>OK, how do I install a ut2mod file in Linux? The Troopers mod has released
>>a clone trooper model and I'd like to try it out. I'd prefer not to have to
>>jump through all the hoops to get the ZIP version installed.
> Ok, I cannot really answer your question but I know that there's a non-umod 
> version as well (seen that on www.inunreal.de, a German UT site).

Yeah, I finally ended up getting that one. Unfortunately, the instructions 
for adding information to the XPlayers.int file don't seem to be correct 
because the model description gets cut off. The model is there though.

> Also I would like to know if there is a place to get the stupid model other 
> than that ugly green GameSpy site which forces me to have an account (no, I 
> don't want to get tracked when downloading, thanks).


That's the link on the Troopers site. For some reason it says, "Download 
from FilePlanet," but none of the four links on that page are actually to 
FilePlanet. I got it from Barry's World.

Still, I'd like to get ut2mods working . . .


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