[ut2003io] problems on debain woody

Maik Holtkamp s-y-l at gmx.net
Sun Dec 22 07:02:25 EST 2002


0n 02/12/21 at 14:46 Jonathan told me:

> On Saturday 14 December 2002 20:26, Maik Holtkamp wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I tried to install UT 2003 without success. The version on the CDset
> > ist 2107. When installing (had some 10 trials-form different devices
> > ideDVD, scsi burner) everytime some files failed decompressing,
> I had this exact problem when trying to install on a system that was using 
> XFS. It seems a lot of things really dont like XFS, plus it's prone to some 
> nasty file corruption. Switching to a different file system (reiserfs) fixed 
> the problem.

I just made a new kernel without xfs, since I was not sure which
details where configured in the older kernels on the disk -> same
errors. All my trials were basicly on a reiser FS. 

Google reported some issues from xfs and nvidia but I learned they
should have been historic (nvidia < 12xx).

Unfortunately my friend, where I got the "clean" [1] install on the
Dell is on holiday :(. 

[1] Had 2 clean install runs within the past few days here, too.
    However, the starting problems where the same on this installs
    and the update is claiming Xeffects.u, too.
    Since I did not try update on the Dell, this installation is
    probably broken, too, and the problems are base on a defective
    CD-set, as supposed first.

BTW: I made a "hand update" by copying the files and editing the
     .xml file manually (patch-level and md5sums of files). It seems
     that it gives some more stability (ut starts every 5 trials now
     ;)). Is there something more I have to take care of, when doing
     such manual updating?

bye maik

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