Lan and ut2k3

Johan Schuring johan at
Mon Dec 9 09:38:54 EST 2002


Maybe this is discussed before, but i can't remember it.

I was last saturday on a lan-party, we played ut2k3, me on Linux, the other on win,
the win users can find the dedicated servers on the LAN tab, but I after a long
timeout (a few minutes).
There was no connection to Internet available.
Started ut2003 from a terminal (xterm) to check what ut2k3 was doing, it was asking
for the master server, when i wanted to refresh the LAN servers, it was asking again
for the masterserver and had a long timeout.
Have to set the IP in the Favorites tab to connect quick to the server, set an alias
of the masterserver to localhost, so i didn't have the error of finding
masterserver, but no quick seach in LAN.

Is it common to do this for the linux version of ut2k3 when you want to play on LAN
without connection to Internet??

My network was good configured, could ping the whole area, including the dedicated
servers. It was a switched network on 100 MB full duplex.

Does someone have suggestions for solving this or do i have to do this again in a LAN.

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