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Thu Mar 23 06:53:22 EST 2006

Commiter   : havoc
CVSROOT    : /cvs/cvsroot/twilight
Module     : darkplaces
Commit time: 2006-03-23 11:53:21 UTC

Log message:

changed several DPrint's and developer cvar checks to higher developer cvar levels (>= 10 and >= 100 for example), this makes developer 1 much more pleasant to use, also changed the memory clearing on free to depend on developer_memorydebug (which is already quite slow) rather than developer (which shouldn't slow things down much)

Modified files:
     cd_shared.c cdaudio.h console.c cvar.c fs.c image.c model_alias.c
     netconn.c prvm_cmds.c prvm_edict.c r_shadow.c todo zone.c
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