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Mon Nov 22 09:38:44 EST 2004

Commiter   : molivier
CVSROOT    : /cvs/cvsroot/twilight
Module     : darkplaces
Commit time: 2004-11-22 14:38:44 UTC

Log message:

Several changes to the SFX lock code in the sound engine, mainly to make sure SFXs are automatically freed only at level change
Moved call to CL_InitTEnts after S_Startup so the tent sounds get properly precached
Added a developer warning when trying to play a non-precached SFX
Made the soundlist command more verbose
Added the ssize_t type for Win32 systems
Some comments and dead code removal

Modified files:
     cd_shared.c cl_main.c cl_parse.c fs.c host.c qtypes.h render.h
     snd_main.c snd_main.h snd_null.c sound.h
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