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Sun Nov 14 18:31:46 EST 2004

Commiter   : havoc
CVSROOT    : /cvs/cvsroot/twilight
Module     : darkplaces
Commit time: 2004-11-14 23:31:46 UTC

Log message:

upgraded rtlights format to have separate ambient, diffuse, and specular intensity scales, and also coronasize, this also allows corona-only lights by setting all scales to 0, and added normalmode/realtimemode flags so that lights can appear in normal mode, not just realtime mode (primarily useful for adding corona effects to a normal level)
added ambient light support to RenderLighting (non-bumpmapped diffuse)
some dlights now use ambientscale (this has not been exposed as a qc extension yet, qc lights remain the same)

Modified files:
     cgamevm.c cl_parse.c client.h gl_models.c gl_rmain.c gl_rsurf.c
     model_alias.c model_brush.c model_shared.h r_light.c r_shadow.c
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