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Sat Nov 13 06:14:42 EST 2004

Commiter   : havoc
CVSROOT    : /cvs/cvsroot/twilight
Module     : darkplaces
Commit time: 2004-11-13 11:14:41 UTC

Log message:

replaced all uses of sv_player with host_client->edict (because sv_player was often invalid after a level change)
fixed a number of botclient crashes relating to invalid client->edict pointers after a level change
now sets client->spawned = true on botclients when freshly spawned (they were already being set correctly on level change)
DP_SV_BOTCLIENT now works properly

Modified files:
     host.c host_cmd.c netconn.c sv_main.c sv_phys.c sv_user.c
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