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Tue Jun 24 10:35:45 EDT 2003

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Commit time: 2003-06-24 14:35:45 UTC

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-- NOTE ---
You WILL have to rerun bootstrap and configure after updating.
-- NOTE ---

Ugh, a few changes were needed, and a few out right kludges were made.

embedded_data/: A big but VERY much needed change.
  - This contains a VERY minimal set of gamedata needed to start
    Twilight and have it behave more or less like Quake.
  - As of now, you should be able to start Twilight, and get a console
    instead of a crash, even if we are completely unable to find your
  - To add a file to this, add the file to CVS, and update the dep list
    for embedded_data.fs in the
  - gfx/conchars.png: FIXME!  This is a /REALLY/ minimal font from LH,
    it does not contain anything except the base letter set, we need to
    replace it with something that, er, does.

Move menu.mnu into embedded_data/.

src/ XXX, KLUDGE!  Insert ../embedded_data into SUBDIRS
after tools, but before anything else. (There /MUST/ be a better way!)

src/base/menu.c: If we can't find an image, consider a loading error.

  - Move the image loading to go through a wrapper function.
  - FIXME: This does not use TEX_NEED, so we can present a basic
    console even if we have no gamedata, HOWEVER, we will segfault if
    the player manages to get into the game without having the HUD image
    files present.

src/fs/dir.c and src/fs/fs_new.c: Erm, this was really broken, fixed.

src/fs/*.h: Fix the copyright notice in the headers.

src/fs/embedded.[ch]: The FS side of the embedded file support.

src/fs/rw_ops.c: I'm not sure that snprintf guarantees a null at the
end, so make sure.

src/image/image.[ch]: TEX_NEED, it is a Sys_Error if this flag is set
and we can't load the requested image.

src/image/sdlimage.c: Invert the alpha on the image we load, oops.

 - Remove the (completely unused) scr_ram.
 - Survive if we can't find gfx/net and/or gfx/turtle.

src/nq/host.c and src/qw/cl_main.c:
  Exec twilight.rc instead of quake.rc.
  (Which exists in the embedded data, it execs quake.rc.)

 - No longer check for gfx/menuplyr in Draw_CacheImg, and use IMG_NEED.
 - Remove the unused draw_backtile.
 - Don't use Draw_CacheImg for gfx/conback.
 - Use IMG_NEED for gfx/conchars.
 - If we don't have gfx/conback, draw a black background for the console
   and draw a cyan border around it.
   (FIXME: Knghtbrd should tweak the border coloring.)

src/renderer/gl_main.c: Export R_Clear.

src/tools/lhbin2c.c: Used for embedded data, from the lhbin2c branch.
(Thanks to LordHavoc for writing this.)

Modified files: src/ src/base/menu.c src/client/hud.c
     src/fs/ src/fs/dir.h src/fs/dir_posix.c src/fs/fs.c
     src/fs/fs.h src/fs/fs_hash.h src/fs/fs_new.c src/fs/fs_new.h
     src/fs/pak.h src/fs/rw_ops.c src/fs/rw_ops.h src/fs/wad.h
     src/image/image.c src/image/image.h src/image/sdlimage.c
     src/nq/gl_screen.c src/nq/host.c src/qw/cl_main.c
     src/qw/gl_screen.c src/renderer/gl_draw.c src/renderer/gl_main.c
     src/renderer/gl_main.h src/tools/.cvsignore src/tools/

Added files:
     embedded_data/.cvsignore embedded_data/
     embedded_data/menu.mnu embedded_data/twilight.rc
     embedded_data/gfx/colormap.lmp embedded_data/gfx/conchars.png
     embedded_data/gfx/palette.lmp src/fs/embedded.c src/fs/embedded.h

Removed files:
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