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Sun Jun 22 05:59:06 EDT 2003

Commiter   : havoc
CVSROOT    : /cvs/cvsroot/twilight
Module     : darkplaces
Commit time: 2003-06-22 09:59:05 UTC

Log message:

This is the network rewrite I've been working on for over a week; multiplayer should work through NAT routers now.
A few other commits (a new clientcolors extension for example) have snuck their way into this commit because they were waiting while the cvs was down.

Modified files:
     cl_demo.c cl_input.c cl_main.c cl_parse.c cl_screen.c client.h
     common.c common.h host.c host_cmd.c makefile menu.c menu.h
     model_shared.c model_shared.h pr_cmds.c pr_edict.c progs.h
     quakedef.h server.h sv_main.c sv_user.c

Added files:
     netconn.c netconn.h

Removed files:
     net.h net_bsd.c net_dgrm.c net_dgrm.h net_loop.c net_loop.h
     net_main.c net_master.c net_master.h net_udp.c net_udp.h
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