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Sun Jun 8 09:08:47 EDT 2003

Commiter   : warp
CVSROOT    : /cvs/cvsroot/twilight
Module     : twilight
Commit time: 2003-06-08 13:08:46 UTC

Log message:

A small commit.

Constify some stuff.

Give some things some more explicit types.

Kill draw.h.

Butcher W_CleanupName.

Boost the MAX_DATAGRAM from 1024 to 4096, for cavetest2.

Maybe having a fever is good for thinking off things, for the
non-fastsky path things now goes like this.
- Clear depth buffer.
- Draw the depth only skies.
- Set the DepthRange to 1 1 and set the test to GREATER.
  (This causes us to ONLY draw where the sky polys are.)
- Reset the range and test.
- Draw the world.

A small speed up, and no stencil buffer requirements!

Add TWI_ChangeVDrawArrays, read the code or give up, I don't care.

Add gl_copy_arrays, if it is one then TWI_ChangeVDrawArrays uses memset
instead of gl*Pointer for the data.

Make the skybox drawing pull from precalculated stuff.

Probably a number of other things.

Modified files:
     src/base/crc.c src/base/mathlib.c src/base/mdfour.c
     src/base/menu.c src/base/mod_brush.c src/base/parm.c
     src/base/wad.c src/client/console.c src/client/hud.c
     src/client/keys.c src/include/ src/include/common.h
     src/include/crc.h src/include/mdfour.h src/include/mod_brush.h
     src/include/wad.h src/nq/cl_model.c src/nq/common.c
     src/nq/gl_screen.c src/nq/host.c src/nq/net.h src/nq/render.h
     src/qw/cl_main.c src/qw/cl_model.c src/qw/common.c
     src/qw/gl_screen.c src/qw/render.h src/qw/skin.c
     src/renderer/entities.c src/renderer/gl_alias.c
     src/renderer/gl_arrays.c src/renderer/gl_arrays.h
     src/renderer/gl_brush.c src/renderer/gl_draw.c
     src/renderer/gl_draw.h src/renderer/gl_light.c
     src/renderer/gl_main.c src/renderer/gl_textures.c
     src/renderer/liquid.c src/renderer/menu.c
     src/renderer/mod_alias.c src/renderer/mod_alias.h
     src/renderer/mod_brush.c src/renderer/mod_sprite.c
     src/renderer/r_explosion.c src/renderer/sky.c

Removed files:
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