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Relic2K relic2k at canada.com
Tue Mar 18 05:16:45 EST 2003

SSTSE is the same way, they tell you it will handle up to so many clients, but 
infact the number of clients that can actually join the server is quite less 
that is why after a few months..after the game release, and people have been
tweaking their servers, they usually drop the number of connection allow by 
half. One of the best spots to get help on setting up ded servers is on the 
game forums. MOHAA/Spearhead should have a dedicated forum of thier
own for providing support and input. Serious Sam TSE can be found @

One of the MOHAA forums is @

On Tuesday 18 March 2003 02:38 am, Matrix wrote:
> Is there a MOH and Spearhead mailing list here at icculus.org?
> --Matrix
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> > Are there settings for MOHAA and/or MOHSH that will allow the server
> to
> > not run like crap after 20 clients???
> Asking for Medal of Honor help on the Serious Sam list is not the best
> way
> to get an answer.
> --ryan.

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