Linux Dedicated SSTSE servers

Relic2K relic2k at
Sun Mar 16 19:11:16 EST 2003

	Just one other little thing, if you all decide to start a dedicated server 
for either SSFE or SSSE, make sure you put that in your server name in the 
init.ini file. It is hard to tell windows servers from linux ones, so if you 
label it as being linux, others will be able to tell the difference. Here is 
mine in GameSpy;

"-=REL!c2K=- COOP Linux"

	This will keep the Bill Gates lovers away LMAO...:) Also
post your servers here so we can all check them out for you, do
some BW testing for you. So far I have found that I can get more
ppl playing on a dedicated server in linux. In Windows I was luck to have
4-6 at a time, before things got out of hand. 
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