[ssam] Serious Sam Firsts - Install problem

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Sun Mar 16 16:12:31 EST 2003

> Ohhh... so that bug is a server side trigger?  ...or is that just a bug
> when playing in linux single player?

The server dictates where actors are in the world, so when an actor "falls
through the floor" on the server, the server will force the clients into
the same state, which basically ruins the game.

> One last thing, you said "Linux-to-Linux", what about Linux dedicated
> server and windows clients connecting to the Linux server?  ...any
> problems there?

As far as I know, the two are incompatible, since there's a checksum on a
floating point value involved, and gcc won't ever hit the same precision
as Visual C (and vice versa). I alerted Croteam, and they said they
planned to fix this in a later patch.

The Linux codebase is at 1.07, Win32 is at 1.50 or something right now, so
it might be fixed, but I haven't gotten those changes (well, I haven't
even asked for them).


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