Ghost Clients connecting to Dedicated SSSE Server

relic2k at relic2k at
Sun Mar 16 10:57:52 EST 2003

1. I am getting Ghost Client Connections being
established on the server, that fill the server up so
that no one, or I am unable to join. I have to restart
server again to clear up these connections. The
connections start after a few hours, but there is no
real data being transfered from the clients to the
server, the way most normal SSFE servers run.
2. My player and control settings no longer save
themselves, and I have to keep changing them back from
the defaults again. I can't even get into the control
settings anymore, that menu is totally gone now. I
beleive this one may be a Mandrake security thing,
where it scan all the system files overnight, and
changes them to what is sees as secure or proper
permissions. I did change the
~/.serious/serioussamMP/ControlData and ../Players back
to read and write, but the
settings still won't save now.
I sent an email to the dist list, but my mail is acting
up right now, so it might be a few hours before it
actually gets anywhere. Cheers.

Okay the ghost connections just started again after 20
mins, this is what I am seeing;
Server: Sent initialization info to ''
Sending statedelta response
Server: Sent connection data to ''
Unable to deliver data to client '',

This what I see with each connection. Then the server
is locked out because it is full of these ghost

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