The First Encounter, beta2

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at
Tue Feb 4 09:50:30 EST 2003

beta2 of Serious Sam: The First Encounter for GNU/Linux is available.

Please get it from loki_update. If you must get it without loki update,
PLEASE follow these steps:

1) Install beta1a.
2) Install
3) Install

(All updates must be installed, in order, or they won't install
correctly...loki_update takes care of this for you.)

Bug fixes:

- Rocket launcher reports ammunition correctly, instead of being stuck at
  50 or 100. Fixes Bug #243.
- Mouse input now "grabs" correctly when going from full screen to
  windowed and back. Fixes Bug #382.
- Viewpoint shouldn't "jump" when returning from console/menus/chat/etc
  anymore. Fixes Bug #282.
- Launcher script should respect symlinks better. Fixes Bug #280.
- Beta expirations updated for another month. Fixes Bug #361.

The "can't kill last boss" and "fall through the floor" bugs are still
there, but there's a work around in the README for the former (and
entering "please fly" at the console can pull you out of the floor).

Bug reports to, discussion to this mailing
list, nothing to my inbox.  :)

Thanks, and have fun!


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