[smpeg] smpeg patch

Vincent LE LIGEOUR vincent at leligeour.net
Mon Jan 8 06:06:03 EST 2007


That's what I though, and there is no problem with it.
I've posted the patch to the rpm and ebuild manager so they could 
include it (they based their package on the original work with a fex patch).


Matt a écrit :
> I bear no relation to the original team- their work is the basis for 
> the patches I've done- I've tried to contact them, but the project 
> appears to be dead-
> so I'll have to release it as a LGPL fork, but I've not the time at 
> present, and to be honest what I've written with it is so unstable 
> (due to an intractable bug in the original smpeg decoding routine) I 
> can't be bothered-
> Will let you know if I get around to it though-
> Sorry to be such a waste of your time!
> Thanks,
> Matt
> Vincent LE LIGEOUR wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I think you could be interested in this bug :
>> http://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=160795
>> Patch is also provided in the page
>> Regards
>> Vincent Le Ligeour
>> PS : what is the project status (relations between you and loki 
>> original code/team) ? (because I send them a the patch but the 
>> project seems dead but no distro is linking to your project)

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