[smpeg] SMPEG dll from CYGWIN / MinGW

Matt moc.pophot at hotpop.com
Thu Nov 2 23:21:11 EST 2006

Yep- but you don't get dlls, you get libs to link to.
use MingW & MSYS & the MSYS DTK -
install SDL, copy the SDL .h files to the include/SDL directory.
make a directory under your mingw directory called 
usr\local\cross-tools\i386-mingw32msvc and copy your mingw bin lib and 
include directories into it- this is because smpeg is a bit retarded and 
expects to find the files under this directory on a mingw installation 
(don't ask me why,. it's just retarded).
Unzip all the smpeg CVS material into a directory, under msys run 
./configure and ./make all.
You should have a .a & .la file in your smpeg/build folder now. Copy 
both to your mingw/lib directory, and your smpeg .h's to your include 
Buiold your program using the following switches for GCC/G++:
"-lsmpeg -lmingw32 -lSDLmain -lSDL -mwindows -shared -s -Wall"
In that order.
You shoudl be fine, any questions email me baCK-

Torsten Giebl wrote:
> Hello !
> Was anybody sucessfull compiling the latest
> SMPEG CVS version and get a working SMPEG DLL
> out of it under CYGWIN / MinGW ?
> If yes, how ?
> CU

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