smpeg on PXA 270 - how to improve audio/video performance??

Sriram Chadalavada swenggsri at
Tue Apr 25 12:36:53 EDT 2006

Hi everyone,
   We are trying to use smpeg library to play mpeg videos on a PXA 270 (500
MHz, 64MB, 800x600 LCD) running linux 2.6.11. While plaympeg seems to be
able to play just the video without any problem, it struggles to play audio
simultaneously. The video frame rate drops drastically.

I tried hooking SDL_mixer into plaympeg to handle the audio but that
resulted in only a marginal improvement. Are there any smeg optimizations
that you could suggest to improve performance? Also, please suggest any
alternatives to smpeg that we could use on our platform.

Thank you,
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