[smpeg] Bug in SMPEG 0.4.5

Joshua Songer songersoft at comcast.net
Tue Nov 30 21:07:37 EST 2004

Hey there,
I don't understand exatly how to fix your SDL SMPEG video problem, I do have 
SDL sources built on a win32 platform, that support SMPEG, SDL_Image, 
SDL_Mixer, and SGE.  I could help you get a copy of that,
    ne way what are your goals as a programmer?

    I am a self taugh programmer, my goal has always been to design a video 
game and I have learned alot from others.  My focus is in designing a 
Networkable RPG.

    Get back to me, at least for the sources... and hey I have a website at:
Joshua Songer 

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