[smpeg] Playing MP3 from memory...

Dominique Louis Dominique at SavageSoftware.com.au
Sun Mar 21 18:50:27 EST 2004

Thanks Ryan, muchly appreciated, I will pass it on.

Ryan C. Gordon wrote:

>>   One of the guys on the JEDI-SDL mailing list had this request...
>>"Can I use smpeg to play an Mpeg file from memory, I want to load the
>>file into allocated memory or MemStream then play the file, I have 512
>>Mb memory installed and I want to paly a certain file (arround 100 Mb)
>>repeatedly for the whole day, so I do not want to harm the hard drive."
>>What would be the best way to tackle this issue.
> Use SMPEG_new_data(), or SMPEG_new_rwops() in conjunction with
> SDL_RWFromMem().
> --ryan.

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