skip to frame

Andreas Wiencke wiencke at
Thu Jun 5 11:31:11 EDT 2003


I use smpeg lib in my project and I have a problem.

When playing a stream I want to skip to a specific frame. I found that the 
renderFrame(int index) function is far too slow to achieve this. 

So I implemented workaround:

- skip to an aproximated index
- start playing
- sleep
- stop playing 
- check current frame number
- aproximate again

Although this works and I can jump to a specific frame in bearable time, I 
can't loose the feeling that I misunderstood something completely...

My questions:

Is there a convenient way to skip to a frame number in a stream?

If not, why do I have play/stop a stream before I can get the current frame 
number after seeking into a position? Is there a way to avoid this?

Thank in advance for helping,


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