Please help!!!Clearing the smpeg buffers!!

Sarat Chandra Maruvada csarat at
Sat Jan 18 19:48:07 EST 2003

Hi i am sending this mail once again as I am assuming nobody even looked
at the email i sent previously.I need help urgently and would greately
appriciate any reply i get. And really sorry if this was a trivial issues.

I have designed a smpeg based mpeg player based on a 3-tier
architecture. A server containting the mpegs,a client interacting with the
server to stream video to users requesting and remote clients that request
a file. The details would be a bit hazy but i explained so that the nature
of problem is clear.
  I want to implement rewind/fast forward feature which will not operate
in the default way as specified in smpeg,namely:

SMPEG_skip(mpeg, 100);

will not work as the bytes have to come from a remote machine.I have
designed in such a way that the GUI keeps track of number of seconds
played and based on the skip command requests bytes from that second.I
would like to know if there is any way by which i can clear the smpeg
buffers so that for the same file (same file is key as the header
information for the mpeg has to be preserved) we can start playing for
another random point,random here specifies a skip value.

more than glad to release the code so that people can look/use.but wouldnt
make much sense as the server is a system developed by Prof.Solworth,CS

Thanks once again.

Sarat Maruvada.

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