[smpeg] smpeg CVS VisualC.zip empty

John Doe pr0fauxlactics at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 10 22:58:05 EST 2003

Super appreciated. Hopefully this will be the end of my sdl mixer woes.


>From: Chunky Kibbles <chunky at icculus.org>
>Reply-To: smpeg at icculus.org
>To: smpeg at icculus.org
>Subject: Re: [smpeg] smpeg CVS VisualC.zip empty
>Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2003 13:17:13 -0500
>On Wed, Dec 10, 2003 at 02:59:17AM -0500, John Doe wrote:
> > Did you make sure the file didn't exist before checking out? Because all 
> > progams I have to read zip files show it as "unexpected end of file", 
> > I'm just using CVS (http://www.cvshome.org/)
> >
> > Tried to use another client (gui :/) and it wouldn't work.
> >
> > I have done a full CVS checkout 2 times and all the files I checked look 
> > (with a quick 1-over in notepad), but that .zip file just won't download
> > properly.
> >
> > Just tried it again, and all I can see in it are the smpeg project and
> > workspace files. Guess I'll reinstall linux on my other drive and try 
> > there if no one can offer a hint on that.
>No idea what your problems are, but that's a checkout I did about 30
>seconds ago.
>Gary (-;

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