smpeg CVS empty

John Doe pr0fauxlactics at
Wed Dec 10 00:15:28 EST 2003

subject pretty much says it all. I downloaded the from the mirror off of loki's site, and was having problems getting a sdl 
mp3-player test program to link. (kept complaining about _SDL_main being 
unresoved or something. I forget exactly.)

So after playing and playing, I decided to download the CVS of smpeg off of 
your site (sorry about those silly 404s :)

I get the CVS eventually, (I'm working in windows ATM), and then the file is empty.

I'm using Windows Xp Pro (sp1 + patches) and visual C 6.0 with, and I've tried using as I said, and don't really know what I'm doing with the CVS 
source if I don't have a pre-made project file. I'm doubtful that the 0.4.4 file will work since I see revisions since you took it into 
source (assuming you took it after loki stopped work, or whatever 
happened/is happening. I'm out of that loop).

Thanks for any help/advice you can offer,

BTW, I'm getting SDL with SDL_mixer and smpeg working under vc6 so I can 
begin coding my super rad mmorpg. I promise I will actually finish it before 
I graduate (unlike most of them I've seen ;)

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