[sdlsound] Sound_GetDuration() backport to stable-1.0

Nikos Chantziaras realnc at gmail.com
Sun Apr 22 19:38:02 EDT 2012

I was previously using SDL_sound for audio decoding in my apps and 
simply used Sound_DecodeAll() for the job.  That meant I could calculate 
the duration easily.  This was a horrible memory waster though (playing 
a few layered tracks simultaneously would eat up anywhere between 100 
and 300MB RAM.)

So I switched to Sound_Decode().  However, being able to tell the 
duration of the sample is critical.  Since SDL_sound might need some 
time for a proper release, I ported Sound_DecodeAll() from the 
development branch to the stable-1.0 branch.  It's a backport of these:


I am attaching the patch.  If possible, please push it to stable-1.0. 
Hopefully we will see a 1.0.4 release soon for distros to pick up?
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