[sdlsound] pcm data from sample.buffer

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Wed Oct 26 11:55:10 EDT 2011

> I'm trying to get the raw PCM data, from a decoded mp3 file.
> I'm only interested in the raw pcm data, and not to output it to eg. sdl-audio.But if try to look into the sample.buffer after decoding, the buffer seems empty. (See below).
> But if i modify eg. playsound_simple.c, in the audio callback function there are data in the buffer.
> It looks like SDL_OpenAudio does something to the data?
> Is it possible to somehow get the raw pcm data without using eg. SDL_OpenAudio?

You're probably using smpeg to decode the data, and it won't work 
without an open SDL audio device (which is silly, but that's how smpeg 

Use mpglib instead.


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