[sdlsound] playsound error:MPGLIB: Free format not supported.

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Wed Jan 24 20:25:33 EST 2007

Kevin Nowaczyk wrote:
> It's curious that SDL_sound uses mpglib from the
> mpg123 project, yet mpg123 itself does successfully
> play mp3s with ID3v2 tags.

mpg123 doesn't use mpglib, it uses its own routines, of which mpglib is 
a very stripped down version. We used mpglib specifically because it was 
LGPL'd and not GPL'd (even if we personally respect the GPL in 
SDL_sound, as an LGPL'd library, we can't enforce it on other applications).

...but now I'm looking at mpg123.org, and it appears they have 
relicensed it under the LGPL, sort of:


We'll have to consider this further.


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