[sdlsound] playsound error:MPGLIB: Free format not supported.

Kevin Nowaczyk beakerboy99 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 24 14:33:55 EST 2007

Here's a followup.  It appears that only ~some~ mp3's
give this error.  I found some that work in playsound.
 When I run `file` against the working files I see
it's of file type:
Apples_in_Stereo_-_Signal_in_the_Sky.mp3: MP3, 128
kBits, 44.1 kHz, JStereo

whereas a "bad" file is of type:
01_-_Stay_Where_You_Are.mp3: MP3 file with ID3 version
2.3.0 tag

is there a problem with the way SDL_sound handles ID3
v2 tags?

Kevin Nowaczyk

--- Kevin Nowaczyk <beakerboy99 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I've just compiled libao, libmad, libid3tag, and
> mpg321 from source successfully.  mpg321 can play
> mp3
> files, but playsound does not.  I saw checks for ogg
> and flac files when running the SDL_sound configure
> script, but nothing for mpeg.   
> Here is the output.  Note: I always see the
> "audio_alsa: no cards found!" when playing ogg files
> too, but the audio works.
> Kevin
> [kevin at pan SDL_sound-stable-1.0]$ sudo playsound
> 01_-_Stay_Where_You_Are.mp3 
> audio_alsa: no cards found!
> Now playing [01_-_Stay_Where_You_Are.mp3]...
> Error in decoding sound file!
>   reason: [MPGLIB: Free format not supported.].
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