Module formats don't repeat correctly

Peter S. May psmay at
Mon May 30 00:19:04 EDT 2005

Howdy.  This is not a glTron question.  It involves glTron, but it's 
about SDL_sound.  Keep reading.

I recently noticed that when I run glTron (on either Windows or 
OSX--don't have a GNU box at the moment), the .IT file it uses for its 
background music isn't looped correctly!  If you play the game and are 
not familiar with how the whole song goes--haven't played it in Winamp 
or ModPlug or anything--try it.  You may notice that the progression 
works out a little differently!  Same phenomenon when I plug in an .IT 
file I wrote, and, much to my dismay, same problem when I wrote an 
SDL-based demo of my own.

So the fact is this:  .IT files and .XM files that I have tried do not 
loop/jump as expected when played by SDL_sound.  Here are my questions:

- Has anyone else noticed this before?  It's happening for me on 
multiple architectures, so I'm assuming it's not an OS-specific problem...

- Does this happen on GNU platforms as well?

- Does anyone regularly use any non-SDL_sound MikMod-based module 
players that do work correctly?

- Is this a problem in SDL_sound or a problem in MikMod?  Does SDL_sound 
use MikMod in a way MikMod doesn't properly expect to be used?

- Is anyone working on this at all?  (While I'm at it, is anyone in fact 
still developing on SDL_sound?)

Thanks -- dro

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