[sdlsound] OSX Woes (v1.01)

E. Wing ewmailing at gmail.com
Sun Jul 3 05:48:47 EDT 2005

I probably won't be much help here and somebody more knowledgeable
should step in. I'm an autoconf/automake idiot. Basically, if it
doesn't work out of the box, I don't bother because I'm too stupid to
fix it. If you are in the same boat, I would encourage you to take the
Project Builder projects, import them to Xcode, and use those.
Basically, it's just a matter of manually editting which -D flags you
want. Most of them should be set up, so I think you just delete the
ones you don't want.

But as for static linking versus dynamic linking, that's not autoconf
specific so I might be able to comment on it. Basically if you are
just trying to get stuff to work, it's much easier to dynamically link
stuff and don't touch the static linking.

The problem with static linking is that you have to set up the link
order perfectly or it won't work. My simplistic underrstanding of it
is that with static linking, if the linker comes across a symbol that
hasn't been used by that point, it will throw it away. So if a library
that comes later in the link process needs a symbol that has been
thrown away, you will get unresolved symbol errors. That's why order
matters. Figuring out the order can be tricky and time consuming, so
it's probably easier to dynamicly link everything. (It also helps keep
the licensing issues cleaner since some of these things are LGPL.)
Just make sure you have dynamic versions of all your libraries.

You also seem to be linking to OpenGL and SDLmain. I didn't check
carefully enough what you were compiling so it might be correct for
your case, but OpenGL is only needed if you are using OpenGL (duh)
which none of sound libraries need and SDLmain is only needed to build
apps, not libraries. (But maybe you were building an OpenGL app so
it's okay.) If the SDLmain link order is giving you a problem, you can
also just directly include SDLmain.h and SDLmain.m in with your
project. This is the approach documented for use with the SDL


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