Porblems using SDL_sound

Dark Haruka dark_haruka at web.de
Sun Jan 9 16:53:11 EST 2005


I'm trying to play a MP3 Sound with SDL_sound.
But I have got big Problems with it. I have downloaded the files fom the icculus webiste.
In my Project folder I have put the folowing files sdl_sound.dll, smpeg.dll, vorbis.dll, vorbisfile.dll and ogg.dll. In my programm I have included the files SDL.h and SDL_sound.h and the libs SDLmain.lib, SDL.lib and sdl_sound.lib

Then I have searched for a sample and I have found this:

static volatile int still_playing_audio = 1;

int main(void)
	Sound_Sample *sample;
	sample = Sound_NewSampleFromFile("mysound.mp3", NULL, 16384);

	SDL_AudioSpec devspec;
	memcpy(&devspec, &sample->actual, sizeof (SDL_AudioSpec));
	devspec.samples = 4096;
	devspec.userdata = sample;


	still_playing_audio = 1;
	SDL_OpenAudio(&devspec, NULL);

	while (still_playing_audio)
		 SDL_Delay(10);  // sleep awhile.


But this doesn't work. The programm chrases only. the file mysound.mp3 is a MP3 Song ans it's located in the project directory.

Can somebody tell me, how I can play one MP3 file with SDL_sound? Or does anyone know a tutorial on it?

Thank you very much in advance :)
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