[sdlsound] modplug

Tyler Montbriand tsm at accesscomm.ca
Fri Apr 15 21:20:08 EDT 2005

On Wednesday 12 January 2005 10:39, Eric Wing wrote:
> I think I remember an issue for preferring Modplug
> over Mikmod. If I remember correctly, if for some
> reason you tried playing multiple files simultaneously
> or the same file multiple times simultaneously, Mikmod
> would either produce strange output or crash the
> program. I can't remember what Modplug did in this
> case, but I don't think it crashed. This was over a
> year ago, so I'm not sure if the Mikmod people ever
> fixed this. This doesn't explain why Mikmod is
> preferred over Modplug though.
Sorry to dredge up a months-old thread, but here's
another reason to support modplug over mikmod:  
modplug's far stabler on odd platforms, and easier
to fix when it breaks.  Whereas I STILL can't figure
out why mikmod throws up on some modules.

Also, modplug properly supports those wacky Impulse
Tracker filter envelopes, whereas mikmod doesn't and
I doubt it ever will -- quite a tricky feature.
Try http://burningsmell.org/znm-believe.it
in modplug then mikmod, for example.

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