[sdlsound] SDL_sound 2.0 details revealed!

Chris Nelson chrisn1 at bu.edu
Fri Jul 30 01:51:27 EDT 2004

Hey, Ryan.

I'm glad to see work being done on SDL_sound 2.0, looks like you have
some very useful ideas. I'd really like to see them implemented, and
SDL_mixer become obsolete.

Over the last year or two, I've been using SDL_sound as a decoder for an
audio mixer of my own, built atop SDL. The reason I needed to code my
own mixer is because I wanted to be able to affect the playback rate of
my music / sounds, much in the way a DJ manipulates the pitch of a
record, or scratches it (this analogy is especially accurate, given I
was coding mp3 DJ software).

Although I personally have no need for such a feature (since I've coded
it myself), I still think it'd be cool to include function calls in the
new API to dynamically affect the playback rate of a given sound, over
time. All sorts of expensive interpolation is required, once the user
requests this feature, but until then, there would be no need for a
performance hit.

Just wanted to float this idea your way. Take it if you think it's cool
/ worthwhile, leave it if you think it's better implemented elsewhere.

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