Announcing SDL_sound 1.0.1

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at
Sun Oct 12 15:50:22 EDT 2003

A long time coming, no doubt.  :) With the exception of a minor
initialization behaviour change that shouldn't cause serious problems,
there are no API changes. There are, however, several good bugfixes and
enhancements, so everyone is encouraged to upgrade.

Much thanks to Eric Wing, Glenn Maynard, and Sam Lantinga, who did the
bulk of the post-1.0 work.

Notable changes:

- Sound_Init() no longer calls SDL_Init(), so apps can avoid the SDL
parachute, etc. Please be sure your program calls SDL_Init(SDL_INIT_AUDIO)
itself before Sound_Init() (thanks, Glenn!)
- Ogg Vorbis decoding fixes (thanks, Eric!)
- Fix to allow SDL_sound and SDL_mixer to coexist without a clash in
Mikmod (thanks, Eric!)
- Fixes to SMPEG's rewind code (thanks, Eric!)
- Visual C 6.0 support; look in the "VisualC" directory (thanks, Eric!)
- Thread safety fixes (thanks, Glenn!)
- MIDI decoding now works on bigendian systems.
- Speex (.spx files) support via libspeex.
- Midi decoder now supports DLS instruments (Thanks, Sam!)
- Fixed timidity bug involving multiple initializations (Thanks, Sam!)


Source package:


Minus bugfixes, this will be the end of the 1.0 stable branch...future
SDL_sound development will now be geared towards a 1.1 development
tree...there's actually a few patches in the queue for this already, which
will be hitting CVS soon.

The current goals for 1.1 will be:
- Add the ability to get a sample's total playing time (patch is in the
queue already).
- Figure out how to relate SDL_sound to SDL_mixer...the end goal will
possibly be an SDL_mixer-like API built into SDL_sound, or perhaps a
marriage of the two libraries into one source tree.
- (Other requests go here.)
- Deal with audio conversion better...handle non-power-of-two resamplings,
etc. Figure out what to do with the altcvt tree.
- Optimize hotspots (altivec/SSE2/etc, other profiling)...there has never
been any consideration given to optimizing SDL_sound to this point, and I
bet there's a few easy wins in there.
- Christen the final product as SDL_sound 2.0.

None of this is guaranteed on a fast timetable, since SDL_sound is mostly
a hobby for me, and not used in any of my other work, but I like how the
library has progressed, and I'd like to keep improving it over time. As in
all open source work, you're patches are most welcome, so give a shout if
you'd like to do some coding on a given feature, or there's something
missing that you'd really like to see in SDL_sound.


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