[sdlsound] MP3 Glitches

Eric Wing ewing2121 at yahoo.com
Mon May 26 19:48:39 EDT 2003

Hi, I've also had my share of audio glitches with
MP3's (and other high cost formats like OGG). However,
in my case, many of these problems were related to the
sound backend actually responsible for playing and the
CPU power of the computer, and not SDL_sound.

For example, when I switched API's from using
SDL_mixer to OpenAL for playback, a lot of my glitches
and stuttering went away. I've also found that
different OS's (Linux, MacOSX, Windows) perform
differently at the same CPU speeds (so Windows might
give you better playback than Linux on the same
machine or vice-versa).

However there are some exceptions and SDL_sound might
be the culpri. Make sure you have a current version of
SDL_sound. I remember I had to make some bug fixes
some number of months ago that affected OGG playback,
and also MP3 playback. (I forgot if the changes have
made it to the stable release yet or if they are still
in CVS.)

Can you describe what kind of system you're running
(CPU, OS), and what sound playback backend you're
using. (Then you might try changing some of these
parameters to see if your results are consistent to
determine who the real culprit is.)


--- Andrew Cross <Adjc at 3DGraphics.com> wrote:
> I have stried to get SDL_working in my project and
> have had quite a few issues ... the most serious of
> which is that there seem to be a lot of audio
> glitches when playing MP3 files. I was wondering if
> this was a common issue, and if a fix was know.
> Andrew

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