[sdlsound] tremor and MAD?

Corona688 tsm at accesscomm.ca
Mon Jan 13 15:06:31 EST 2003

"Ryan C. Gordon" wrote:

> > Would it be possible to use the Tremor and MAD libraries in SDL_sound?
> > It would boost the performance on StrongArm processors.
> I wrote to the MAD developers for a GPL exemption, but never heard back.
> Tremor, I've been told, uses the same API as the floating point versions,
> but I haven't tried it (please let me know if you try it, and what it
> would take to fix it if it doesn't work).
> --ryan.

I've used Tremor on Win32 and StronArm...  a bit disappointing.  It's fastER
- but still not fast *enough* to provide realtime decoding of even
low-bitrate ogg's on StrongArm-206Mhz - at least not if you want to have time
to do anything else.  It's nowhere near as painfully slow as smpeg is,

 It probably compiles faster for Linux for portables because of assembly
optimizations that VC++ doesn't support.

Speaking of integerized decoders, I've finally figured out why ModPlug has
such awful performance on iPaqs when the internal 4-tap fir filter's
enabled:  The filter is utterly, totally, irredeemably floating-point.
Disabling it causes it to go from clicking on 4-channel MODS to playing
32-channel XMs without difficulty.

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