SDL_Sound Win32 sample ?

R Bresner robert at
Tue Oct 1 12:56:20 EDT 2002

Howdy all --

If this is the wrong mailing list for such query, let me
apologize in advance and ask if someone can point me in
the right direction.

I've written a very simple Win32 mp3 player using the Audio
functions of SDL and SDL_Sound, based off the playsound
sample program that came with SDL_Sound.

Now, I'm trying now to make it more Windows friendly. That is,
I'm trying to use a timer callback for reading data instead of
the, for example, sdl_desired.callback.
SDL_OpenAudio fails with a NULL callback, however, and WM_TIMER
callbacks don't quit fit the sdl_desired world.

I'm curious how SDL_Sound is integrated with a simple windows
app. Is there a sample Win32 app around somewhere I can have
a gander at, or some documentation for this kind of project?

Thanks a'plenty,

robert at

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