More seek support.

torbjorn.e.andersson at torbjorn.e.andersson at
Mon May 20 11:11:37 EDT 2002

Ryan C. Gordon wrote:

> I've implemented seek routines for the smpeg, ogg, aiff, wav-adpcm, voc,
> and au decoders.


> Is there a mailing list or something where we can ask about mikmod
> seeking?

Not that I know of, though does list a few contact

By the way, I noticed that Frank Ranostaj posted a "[Draft] Enhanced Audio
Converter" to the SDL list a while ago. Has anyone had time time to look at
it to see if it would be useful for SDL_sound?


P.S. I am not a prisoner of Outlook, but I hope I've managed to convince it
to always send plain text. If not, I apologize and hope someone will tell
me about it.
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