PhysicsFS support in SDL_sound.

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at
Sat Mar 16 04:02:22 EST 2002

I wanted to test my PhysicsFS -> SDL_RWops glue code: I hooked it up to SDL_sound's playsound program:

You can now play sound files from inside zipfiles without unzipping them
ahead of time:

   playsound /path/in/zipfile/sound.mp3@/path/to/

Probably useless, and it was only meant to test the glue code, but it's
nifty, so I'm leaving it in. The configure script will disable the code if
you don't have PhysicsFS installed, so it's not a big deal.

If I ever get around to putting together that library of various RWops
types, I'll probably rip this out for a more general solution (such as a
URL parser), and move the PhysicsFS glue code from a public domain "extra"
to a coherent, LGPL'd library.


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