[sdlsound] Cross-compiling?

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at clutteredmind.org
Thu Mar 14 09:02:54 EST 2002

> Has anybody attempted to cross-compile SDL_sound and some of it's support
> libs yet?

I just made a very quick attempt. Read below.

> I'd be interested in a dlls & libs for mikmod / smpeg / SDL_sound
> that are suitable for the mingw cross-compiling environment
> (see www.libsdl.org/Xmingw32/ )

I downloaded:

And unpacked it in /usr/local,

and then put the cross-configure.sh and cross-make.sh files in

In the SDL_sound dir, I ran this:

  make distclean ; cross-configure.sh --enable-debug --disable-smpeg \
     --disable-mikmod --disable-ogg --disable-flac --disable-modplug

This leaves you with mpglib, timidity, shn, voc, raw, aiff, au, and wav
support. The compiler had a conflict with the MikMod headers (CHAR
redefined in winnt.h and mikmod.h), and some other problem with the Ogg
headers. These can probably be worked around with the correct versions of
these packages, since these were the headers I normally would use for
Linux. I figured SMPEG would be an uphill battle, and just tried mpglib.

Running cross-make.sh, I got a clean build, but it refused to link without
a win32 version of SDL installed (which I didn't have).

In short, with the right libraries available, this probably works, and the
base library and built-in decoders seem to build.

I haven't tried this under a real win32 environment.


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