[sdlsound] hmm...

ranostaj ranostaj at stud.uni-frankfurt.de
Wed Jun 26 12:48:05 EDT 2002

ranostaj wrote:

>>> Historically, len_mult was meant to be a guide to let you know if you
>>> needed more memory allocated than your original sound data required.
>>> Should we deviate from SDL's current behaviour? Thoughts?
>> We already deviate from SDL's current behaviour, since converting 
>> between
>> arbitrary sample frequencies violates the "buffer length has to be a 
>> power
>> of two" rule. So I don't see any reason to needlessly cling to the 
>> SDL way,
>> if we can think of any better one. I doubt this code will make it 
>> back into
>> any 1.x version of SDL anyway.
> We can do some kind of zero padding. Hmm... it doesn't combine with 
> the  loop stuff :-(
> Did you think, the later is useful, anyway? Is it used in games? 
> Perhaps  for some repeating sound,
> like walking, raining, machine-gun fire or something like that. I 
> think  I've seen a similar function
> in the win32 api.

I'll address the issue regarding the len_mult. Currently it is broken 
for cases when we change
the format in a way which increases the buffer footprint and reduce the 
buffer size afterwards.

I'am not shure if I read the above correctly: given the case we have a 
sample with a buffer
length of 135k - is it right that we allocate a buffer of 256k?


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