[sdlsound] Porting for WinCE

Corona688 tsm at accesscomm.ca
Sat Jun 22 20:18:56 EDT 2002

"Ryan C. Gordon" wrote:

> Nice!

Thanks :)

> Does WinCE has a standard preprocessor define, like __POCKETPC__ or
> something? If not, put one in your project files, and we'll avoid
> #including <assert.h> when that's defined (and define our own macro).

Indeed. _WIN32_WCE.  I've been using it in these situations for #ifdef's.

> > 2) It's a pure UNICODE system, so one string manip function was
> > missing.  Put in source inside typedef.
> Which one?
> --ryan.

strrchr was the one it needed, but it's missing almost everything else, too.
It has 'em all implemented for wide-character, tho.  It doesn't have abort()
either, so  my assert() hack had to use exit() instead:

#define assert(x) if(!x) fprintf(stderr,"Assertion failed in %s, line
%s.\n",__FILE__,__LINE__); exit(1);

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