[sdlsound] alt audio converter

ranostaj ranostaj at stud.uni-frankfurt.de
Mon Jun 17 12:58:34 EDT 2002

torbjorn.e.andersson at tietoenator.com wrote:

> The alternative audio converter still needs a min() function to compile. Of
> course, that's trivial to add. (More seriously it still doesn't seem to work
> very well, even for the simple conversions I tried, but I haven't had the
> time to figure out why yet.)
> Torbjörn


for the development of  the aac I use the Borland C++Builder. I didn't 
figure out how to include
*.c-files (I have tried  an extern"C" environment, but i doesn't do the 
trick - at least not for me), so I
include them in an *.cpp-file. Probably there is a reason why I haven't 
detected this and this like error.

Further I got the  IS_SYSENDIAN macro wrong, there should be a "not" 
before AUDIO_S16SYS.
Despite of this, I converted Uint8 mono 22kHz -> Sint16 stereo 22kHz -> 
Sint16 mono 22kHz.

At the moment I tried to get rid of most of the filter_templates.h, 
leaving only the performance critical
filter*()-functions. If you like, I can send another snapshot, but I 
want to see the rate converter
working first.

During the test of the rate conversion I observed, that it is possible 
to open the audio port with
rather uncommon sample rates e.g. 3000 or 25000. Perhaps I've done 
something wrong.?

Another thing, which I curios about is audacity:

the mentioned a sample rate converter for 1.1.0, but I failed to find it 
in the source and failed
to subscribe to the mailing list, too :-(


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