SDL_sound and modplug (fwd)

torbjorn.e.andersson at torbjorn.e.andersson at
Thu Jun 6 02:45:21 EDT 2002

> I have used Kenton Varda has
> added for me the C front end. It is exact the same, but no longer c++, I
> have added some missing mixer functions, but nothing important. Also the
> typedef chaos is removed and C99 stdint.h types used. It compiles on all
> SDL platforms.
> There is no need to have it in C++, it didn't use any C++ features.

So the C version is/will be part of the modplug-xmms project, or maybe even
replace the C++ version? In that case there would be even less reason to
recommend one over the other, since they'd both be the same.

If we ever want to include the ModPlug source code into SDL_sound (like we
do with mpglib and timidity), then obviously we should use the C version. A
possible reason for doing this might be to make ModPlug_SetSettings() work
per song instead of for the decoder as a whole. (At least I assume Ryan
would like to have this feature, since he has expressed unhappiness with
MikMod's global settings.)

But since we only link against it, it sounds to me that at the most we
should just make sure to mention both versions in the ModPlug decoder's
comment header.

Or am I missing something?


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